10 Old-Fashioned Dating Rituals We Wish Would Stay A Tradition Today

Photo by vjapratama from Pexels

The ‘good ole’ days’ as many would say from the past, well because they were really good. Especially dating, if I do agree so myself. Compared to today’s trends and terms of dating, back then there were socially sanctioned norms and rituals that regarded with meeting new people and starting a relationship. It might be a surprise today, but parents were aware and involved earlier on and dating without a doubt confirmed an official relationship that was not questioned. So although you may have never heard of these old-fashioned dating rituals, hear them out, and you’ll be wanting that they would make a comeback as well.

1. Gentlemen came to call.

Until the 1960s, men would visit the lady’s home and get to know her and her family, as well as pick her up from a date formerly. So much better than a Uber.

2. People were polite.

Yes, this was true. Back then, manners were of extreme importance. Treating your date with respect and like royalty was of the status.

3. Men brought flowers.

Yes, yes, and yes! Men would try to impress and woo women with bouquets of flowers, which may have even picked themselves. Maybe from many competition? Who cares, this needs to become a ritual now.

4. Couples talked on the phone (a lot).

When you were dating someone, phone calls were a must. Phone conversations were intimate full of confessions and secrets back then. Hearing your date’s voice on the other end would have made your heart flutter. Believe me, so much better than texting these days.

5. You met the parents early on.

This is different now but, back then, you would meet the parents before the date, not several months into dating someone when you’re already committed. It confirmed your relationship and whereabouts with one another and meeting the parents gave an idea of who you are with.

6. Dances were the main social event.

Dances were the main event to couples, as well as friends, enemies, and crushes. These events were the moment that relayed excitement and possibility and if you got a slow dance, you were golden.

7. The night ended with a goodnight kiss.

This is so not the norm for these days. Sex was not of the topic on the first date. But getting a goodnight kiss was even lucky after a date. The kiss was a peck and led the anticipation build for having sex later on. Relationships were more intimate and steady.

8. Going steady was every girl’s goal.

Believe or not, going steady was a big deal on the old-fashioned dating scene. The guy would ‘pre-engage’ to a woman as a token of commitment, like with his class ring or fraternity pin. Plus, being steady meant a popularity status increase at school.

9. Couples were more likely to be devoted.

Yes, couples were committed to devotion big time in the past. They only slept with one person during their relationship. So much promising than the trends these days.

10. Dating led somewhere.

Dating had a purpose, and that was marriage. It had all the benefits: financial stability for you and your spouse, pride for your parents, and overall societal acceptance. It might be a little different now, but marriage was seen as an accomplishment gaining maturity and respect. Compared to now, there were fewer heartbreaks because dating meant there was an end, not a drama or a disappointing endless cycle.

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